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The success of your business tightly depends on two valuable investments: your equipment and your personnel. Education and training increase the value of your workforce. Only trained people know how to deal with systems and procedures to best achieve in them.

Fundamentals in vacuum technologies

Fundamentals in vacuum technologies

The basic course provides a working knowledge of vacuum equipment and the technology associated with its use. It’s recommended for staff involved with the mechanical and electrical maintenance, diagnostics of furnace functions and leak detection.

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Advanced applications and uses

Advanced applications and uses

The advanced course provides a more in-depth and direct knowledge about vacuum furnaces applications. It’s recommended for engineering staff involved with the programming of heat batches, cycle parameter input, components rigging and metallurgy.

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Hands-on training classes

Hands-on training classes

Hands-on operation training can also be tailored to the needs of individual customers and provided on their premises. Our experts will accompany you throughout the programme and help you to progress.

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Do you need a customized course tailored on your needs?

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Why train with us

Furnacare is aware of and able to recognize the specific needs and the conditions in which your technicians and engineers are involved, and to adjust its training methodologies accordingly. We are aimed at promoting vacuum technologies by sharing our high specialization with you.

Rapidly startup your business

Furnacare training services are tailored to help you in reducing time to set up the new asset. In so doing, we also draw attention to safety and environmental sustainability.

Maintain the oven yourself

Education enables you to deal better with failures and critical situations as it raises awareness of the main problems affecting your furnace equipment.

Improved quality and productivity

Only well-trained technicians know how to find the right solutions to improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk.

We address any level of experience

Furnacare provides you with the opportunity to improve your competence by offering customized training courses applied to vacuum furnaces and ovens of any type and brand. At the end of each course a certification will be released.

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