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Vacuum Furnaces Maintenance and Repairs

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Keep maximum performance and high reliability

Monitoring thermal process is vital to ensure the highest quality output you need. Unfortunately, its efficiency drops down over time. A proper maintenance program will help to keep your vacuum furnace up and running as usual.

Technical support

Technical support

Technical assistance makes troubleshooting much easier. When a problem affects your vacuum system, it's the useful solution to overcome any trouble.

Fast repair services

Fast repair services

Even the failure of a single device may cause an unpredictable halt. The prompt and timely repair of damage is essential to minimize downtime.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Preventive preservation operations prevent problems before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Periodic inspection, repair and maintenance preserve furnace reliability over time by reducing the incidence of failure.

Proactive maintenance

Proactive maintenance

With predictive technologies you can detect the actual condition of your furnace equipment in order to optimize production shutdowns for repairs, inspections and maintenance.

Why rely on us

Field service calls for solid know-how of the overall system. And that's what Furnacare has when setting out the maintenance tasks required by your vacuum furnace. Our service portfolio includes: furnace rebuilds and retrofits, hot zones repairs and overhauling, leak detection, calibration, uniformity tests (TUS, SAT, safety checks).

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When an emergency occurs, immediate response is needed. Furnacare provides you with any required action to reach a quick and satisfactory resolution of the occurrence

Remote assistance

Furnacare tech support provides timely, totally understandable, and immediately usable solutions to any matter. Our service technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of vacuum ovens and its applications.

Predictive information technologies

Furnacare is fully equipped with advanced technologies to recognize and localize possible, critical machineries variations. Monitoring in-service equipment for future failure enables you to implement preventative maintenance only when required.

Root cause identification

The comprehensive knowledge of the overall vacuum system allows Furnacare to ascertain the true source of failures. That's necessary to carry out the most appropriate corrective actions in order to prevent or reduce recurrence.

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Frequently asked questions

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We collaborate with TAV VACUUM FURNACES, a leader company in the world of vacuum furnaces, working with the highest european quality standards. We are available to study with you the production requirements so that we can find the best solution for your needs.
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There is a standard case list, which vary according to the application field and to the heat treatments carried out by the furnace. The maintenance should be studied ad hoc on the base of the real requirements of the furnace otherwise it becomes useless and expensive for the end-user.

The downtime of the oven can be reduced at the minimum because we have exchange pumps, which we can install for the entire duration of the maintenance on the original pumps.

We have different levels of preventative maintenance. Some solutions include the instrument calibration carried out with certified calibrating instruments.

We carry out maintenance services on aluminizing and atmosphere furnaces too.

We have studied different solutions to make automatic both the loading system and the storage of the loads. According to the requirements, we can make the engineering of the loading systems.

We have the possibility to make international standard contracts thanks to the presence of our personnel around the world and thanks to the different operational sites.

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We determine the root causes of asset failures and plan a maintenance strategy.