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Vacuum Furnaces Upgrades and Retrofits

It’s time to improve efficency, durability and energy savings

Are you looking for a new vacuum furnace?

Explore the state of the art vacuum furnace technology.

Boost your old vacuum furnace

Time takes its toll on your furnace. Keep it up and running even better than the first day. A rebuild or an upgrade will extend its life while improving the overall efficiency.

No unplanned downtime

No unplanned downtime

Downtime creeps you out. Reduce risk with a substantial upgrading of safety and reliability due to equipment modernization.

Better performances

Better performances

Get more out of your vacuum system. Retrofits and upgrades provide higher performances compared to the beginning. Thus, you will achieve more productivity and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Less environmental impact

Less environmental impact

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your oven: you’ll keep the running costs down and reduce the environmental impact.

Increase in value

Increase in value

Your vacuum furnace is not just an equipment, it’s an asset which could be converted into cash. Increase its value, think financial!

Why rely on us

Furnacare’s high specialization in vacuum technology provides all the enhancements to increase software and hardware capabilities beyond your original specifications. Our service portfolio includes: instrumentation upgrades, hot zone rebuilds/relines, total refurbishment.

Long experience

Furnacare brings to you innovative solutions which are based on many years of technical knowledge in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum systems.

Latest industry regulations

Rigorous laboratory tests guarantee the uniformity of each item we manufacture. The care and attention to details allow Furnacare to meet the specific needs of the aerospace industry too.

Reliability of the materials

Our procedures are always up-to-date and compliant with the most stringent QHSE standards to ensure the highest possible service.

Life extension

Replacing a vacuum furnace requires an economic effort. Our highly specialized engineers can extend its lifecycle as much as practically possible.

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in upgrading or retrofitting your vacuum furnace?
Please, read the answers to frequently asked questions about furnace overhauling and rebuilding.

Thirty years of experience has enabled us to study a control system, which can be easily integrated even in the oldest furnaces.

To give the correct answer we should first understand the condition of the system and for this we can arrange an initial inspection. Based on the state of the oven, we can then study a general retrofit or recommend any new or reconditioned plant on the basis of the cost of the operation.

Depending on the instruments, we can perform remote assistance either on the phone or via Internet. We can also evaluate a control system upgrade to allow an easier teleservice through the Internet.

Yes, we do.
We can evaluate both an exchange with a new furnace or a simple buy back.

There are two components which must be considered before doing it. The first one is the instrumentation and the second one is the thermal chamber.
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