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Vacuum furnaces installation / relocation

Strategic and comprehensive plans for optimized equipment setups

Is it time to upgrade your furnace while relocating it?

We have the know-how to bring your installation up to current standards.

Reliable and professional installations

Furnace installation is more than assembling the machine parts and the systemic interconnection for functionality. It also involves equipment commissioning and testing to make sure there is neither danger nor malfunction.

Project management

Project management

No surprises with timing and cost! A careful risk assessment ensures an operative installation or relocation, done on time, within budget, and with the level of quality you require.

Minimal downtime

Minimal downtime

Timeline hints with speed. Each step of the process has to be planned in order to optimize all the activities along with your deadlines.

Furnace upgrade

Furnace upgrade

Turn your downtime into a more profitable uptime. Furnace relocations provides the opportunity to increase the level of efficiency and productivity of the unit.

Training on site

Training on site

A professional installation provides expert technical assistance on your premises to ensure safe commissioning. It then helps your operators to work out new heat treating facilities.

Why rely on us

Furnacare has valuable expertise in vacuum furnaces. Our technical know-how widely spreads in the full range of services supplied to support any need, including equipment relocation, installation and commissioning.

Long experience

The stability of its technical staff has granted Furnacare solid knowledge in vacuum technology and systems. A steadfast support for quality, also esteemed by the major aerospace companies.

Furnace checkup

Our personnel have the technical knowledge and surveying instruments to find defects caused by stress and wear. When relocating, they are able to check the overall condition of your vacuum system.

Inspection of the installation site

Before proceeding with installation, Furnacare checks the suitability and functionality of the site, depending on the objectives and sequence of the activities.

Rapid setup

Furnacare best practice provides all the necessary arrangements to ensure the smooth-running of any installation. We test the operational effectiveness of your vacuum oven to guarantee a “turn-key” solution.

Maximize your vacuum furnace uptime

Design a fast and reliable installation that has minimum impact on your production.