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Operational effectiveness depends on the degree of efficiency of the whole system. Equip your vacuum furnace with greater durability and performance to best achieve the desired material properties for a given application.

Fully effective functioning

Fully effective functioning

Have you noticed a gradual drop in performance you were once getting? Retrofits and upgrades provide the opportunity to revamp your vacuum system. Reduce risk of unexpected downtime and ensure reliability, even better than the first operating day.

Better performances

Better performances

Upgrades result in a significant improvement in production quality. With a retrofit service, you can install new instruments on your vacuum furnace to make it more efficient, modern and productive. Improve your profitability and maximize ROI.

Increase energy savings

Increase energy savings

Upgrading energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same task. Eliminate energy waste and save money with a positive environmental impact.

Stopover while relocating

Stopover while relocating

Take advantage of possible relocation for the rebuilding and modernization of your vacuum heat treatment facilities. Upgrade with best timing and cost!

Why rely on us

Furnacare places its complete know-how in vacuum furnaces and ovens to further enhance the existing units, through revamping with the complete overhaul of mechanical and electronic parts. Our services widely spreads over hot zone relines/rebuilds, instrumentation upgrades (i.e. electrical cabinet or control system upgrade), total refurbishment, relocation and rebuilding.

Reliability of the materials

The technical uniformity of our devices also meets the demand for maximum safety standards of the aerospace industry. Strict controls during the manufacturing process ensure the high quality of products, also confirmed by lab tests.

Life extension

Reliability is critical to avoid downtime. A complete furnace overhaul ensures nothing grinds to a halt. Based on its condition, Furnacare can supply a customized retrofit to extend durability and guarantee smoother functioning.

Latest industry regulations

Furnacare helps you stay on track, with a relentless focus on adding value through ensuring compliance with the current QSHE policies and standards.

Training on site

Furnacare provides installation, start up and commissioning assistance as well as practical and theoretical training. We assist you with specialized technicians and tips on how to actually use the new technologies and changes.

Our company

Furnacare is well-established as a world-class vacuum technology specialist with significant experience across a diverse range of industries. Our staff is trained to understand the operational needs of the customer, analyze the existing facilities and recommend appropriate adjustments. After a complete site evaluation, we can develop a tailored implementation plan for rapid plant reconfiguration.

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