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Many years of high specialization in vacuum engineering has provided Furnacare with the technical knowledge to grasp any specific requirement. Our competence finds application in vacuum furnaces and ovens for heat treatment, exotic alloys, brazing, sintering, aluminizing, ultra-high vacuum (UHV), diffusion bonding and advanced ceramics.


Vacuum heat treatments top technologies

Make the most of any vacuum furnace by investing in high-performance materials and new functionalities. Furnacare is aimed at helping its customers reduce costs and maximize efficiency through the delivery of premium quality products that are personalized, technologically advanced and durable over time.

Vacuum furnaces

Achieve meaningful results in terms of output, safety and temperature uniformity with intuitive, user-oriented solutions.

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Quality spare parts

Enhance reliability and durability of components with the best materials available in the market.

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Training courses

Increase your technical know-how and ensure safety through shared experiences and living interaction.

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Technical support and maintenance services

Furnacare provides you with high specialized personnel, technology and testing, along with accreditation for a wide range of national and international standards. Our team is engaged to better assist you in achieving the desired material properties for a given application

Repairs and maintenance

Be ahead of failures and avoid unnecessary costs with predictive and preventative maintenance.

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Upgrades and retrofits

Increase performance and ensure reliability with innovative solutions aimed at greater efficiency.

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Installation and relocation

Set up on time and to budget. Make sure that your vacuum furnace becomes an operational reality.

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The most demanding industry test standards with no compromises on safety, productivity and environmental impact

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